What is ATI Foundation? 

ATI Foundation is a nonprofit cross-disability organization that empowers Canadian Tamils with disabilities to realize their potential and achieve their goals. We provide a nexus of support for both the Canadian Tamils, who face challenges with mental and physical conditions, but also their caregivers, who are often in need of respite and supportive care.

What does 'ATI' stand for?

'ATI' stands for Annai Thantha Illam is a Tamil phrase that translates literally to “a home provided by the mother”.

Do I have to be Tamil to benefit from ATI Foundation's programs and services?

Absolutely not! ATI Foundation serves all members from different communities. ATI Foundation places a particular emphasis on the Tamil community, due to the cultural and language issues that may hamper access to community services.

Is there a minimum age to be a participant of ATI Foundations' program and services?

We focus on exceptional individuals over the age of twenty-one who are not able to attend the public education system and we assist their transition of graduating from the public education system, by providing support services that can increase independence and keep them active in the community. However, we also accept clients below twenty-one years of age, based on specific circumstances. Please contact us, and we can discuss an appropriate program for you!

How do I access your services? 

Call us today at 647-955-4496 and our intake coordinator will be able to you assist you.

Do I have to pay for your services?

ATI Foundation provides free programs and services. Please call us at 647-955-4496 for more information. 

Does ATI Foundation promote certain religion and ethnic beliefs? 

ATI Foundation is not a religious or spiritual organization, and we encourage any sort of faiths. 

Does ATI Foundation promote certain religion and ethnic beliefs? 

ATI Foundation is not a religious or spiritual organization, and we encourage any sort of faiths. 

Of course, ATI Foundation encourages individuals who are interested in making a difference! Please contact our volunteer coordinator at 647-955-4496.

Does ATI Foundation have volunteering opportunities? 

Does ATI Foundation provide services for individuals with varying exceptionalities?

Yes! We are a cross-disability organization, thus ATI Foundation serves everyone, regardless of your exceptionality. 

How is ATI Foundation funded?

ATI Foundation is heavily dependent on private donors from generous community members. We organize various fundraising events to be able to provide our services and programs. 

Will my information be kept confidential?

All clientele information are kept confidential. Only certain staff, intake coordinator, and volunteer coordinator will have access to personal files. Clients are allowed to take copies of their own file. 

*Please be notified that ATI Foundation Inc. has a legal responsibility to report suspected cases or risk of child abuse to the appropriate authorities. We must also report our concerns that a child may pose a threat to him/herself or to others.

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